Project History

History of the idea and project of an electric snowmobile.

We and our partners make equipment and equipment under the order: we cook frames and glue alpine skis for skibikes and snow scooters; we make complete sets for electrification of bicycles; we do caterpillar complete sets for pit bikes. We like what is related to the subject of bikes, and we are ready not just to experiment, but try to turn these hobbies into a business.

Our products are bright and therefore attract attention when we ride or shoot video and photo materials for promotion. And occasionally, random viewers offered to screw the caterpillar to the snow scooter and drive not only down the mountain but also everywhere. At first, it was perceived as a joke, but on the tenth such comment thought and decided to try. We thought over the possible technical risks and started assembling the first prototype. To do this, we analyzed the variants of tracked vehicles on the market: motorcycle towers (motorcycles), motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, tracked motorcycles, folding snowmobiles, children’s snowmobiles, bicycles with caterpillars and even design concepts. We tried to estimate what parameter will be important for users, what components and parts are produced in Russia, what we will make ourselves and what we will buy. They made a full-size model with minimal costs and went to study the market.

We talked to potential buyers, distributors of electric vehicles and motorcycles, collected their wishes and formed the terms of reference for ourselves. As a result, we realized that we will design the device in a compact, lightweight and easy to use and operate so that even a child can cope, and we use easily accessible components.

The first working prototype was drawn for a long time, they tried to work on the details and optimized the knots, but it was not the eternal winter that had to be tested more quickly. To be honest, we didn’t even believe in the idea somehow, rather we were just trying to satisfy our personal interest and implement the creative idea, but our vision changed after the first test drive.

Despite some obvious mistakes made in the design process, the device not only came to life but also pulled a man weighing 90 kg at a speed of 15 km/h on loose snow 20-30 cm. After the first ride, it became clear that this projectile would become a mass-produced product if properly designed. And then we started to work closely on improving the running and cost characteristics.

At first, I was not satisfied with the controllability. With a short ski close to the track, the bike was hard to handle. When the steering wheel was turned, the snowmobile was driving directly from the too massive track module. We tested several types of skis and stopped at a frost-resistant plastic snowmobile ski with a metal skate. Then we “played” with the front suspension and wanted to make skiing comfortable both on loose snow and on ice or on the wall.

The last part of the film “Mad Max” inspired the creation of a suspension made of motor-sprung shock absorbers installed along the length of the film rather than across it. This configuration became a trademark and attracted the attention of winter entertainment enthusiasts and motorcycle manufacturers at exhibitions.

Then the steering glass and the ski were carried out together with the knots forward. The bike became longer, but this made it possible to increase the handling dramatically.

For a comfortable ride (for-hire) and everyday use they created a frame with a saddle and tested it. This option is still in the process of improvement.

The device is ready and has been field-tested in real conditions.

In autumn they demonstrated the device at thematic conferences (Open Innovations; ARMIA; Moto-Winter, etc.) and exhibitions and received positive reviews. And in the process of operation, we will collect feedback from users and create the following versions of the device.


More detailed information about the options and equipment of the electric snow scooter you can find in our online store.

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