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Sniejik is a lightweight electric snow scooter. It allows you to travel effectively in winter on the snow and in summer on the sand, gravel or swamp. For this purpose, a wheel can be installed instead of a ski. Snow scooter has unique fetures and advantages over gasoline analogues.

Main advantages :

  • It doesn’t weigh much. One person can lift and drag over an obstacle.
  • Folded in the trunk of a car. It is disassembled into separate modules and fits into your wagon or hatchback.
  • The electric motor runs silently. Can be used in a park near your home.
  • You don’t need rights to control or special certificates.
  • The cost is lower than its analogues.
  • No gasoline or oil, you can store it at home or on the balcony.
  • It is charged from the home electric mains (socket). You can also charge it in your car.
  • The battery is quickly removed and installed. You can take an extra battery with you and increase the distance.


We have developed several snow scooter configurations for different tasks. For everyday skiing and entertainment you can use a simple version. For business and work you can use the professional version. Choose a snow scooter that’s perfect for you. 

Electric snowscooter_light_web

2 990 $

Elecrtic snowbike_14

3 599 $

Electric snowmobile_1

4 990 $

Литиевый тяговый аккумулятор RuTrike_MnCoNi _60V20AH_1

675 $


  • Weight from 45 kg
  • Maximum speed up to 45 km/h
  • Distance on the road on one battery charge 10 km or more
  • Mountain climbing angle up to 20 degrees
  • Battery replacement within 30 sec.
  • Dimensions assembled 200 x 35 x 130 cm
  • Dimensions in 120 x 35 x 90 cm package
  • Speed adjustment in levels 1 to 5.
  • Pedestrian mode 5 km/h. Allows you to drive a snow scooter next to you
  • Cruise control works above 8 km/h
  • Frame and knots are made of aluminum
  • Composite track, with cross bars for strength
  • Track width 22 cm, track length 104 cm. Height of the load carrier is 2 cm.


Use the snow scooter for personal tasks, make your family happy and surprise your friends:

  • Transport. Do you drive often in the snow? Snow scooter will become a daily helper. 
  • Family vacation. Have fun with your family outdoors, with no engine or exhaust noise.
  • Traveling. Explore new places with friends at minimal cost and high technology.
  • Education. Teach your child the first snowmobile skills, prepare the future athlete.
  • Sports. Participate in competitions or organize the championship yourself. Snowbike is already an official sport.
  • Hunting. Silence will be your advantage in hunting. 
  • Fishing. If you are far away from a hobby spot, sit down and drive comfortably to the fishing spot.

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Use the snow scooter for your business. Expand your fleet and attract new customers:

  • Oil and gas industry. Checking tower equipment on a regular basis and gathering materials for laboratories? No more skiing or walking, carry a snow scooter in the trunk and use it in difficult terrain.
  • Ski complex. Organize visitors to your recreation center, give them new impressions, surprise them and make your employees quick.  
  • Delivery. Delivery of small cargoes in snowy areas? Need to bring equipment, spare parts or components? Secure the cargo on the frame, in the glove box or in the backpack.
  • Security. Protecting an important site (factory or pipeline)? With a snow scooter, the efficiency of your employees will be excellent.
  • Intelligence. Silent snow scooter will be useful for patrolling and reconnaissance. You can even land with them from a helicopter.
  • Hunting grounds. Travel quietly through your territory on a snow scooter. Do your everyday tasks more effectively.
  • Fieldwork. Do you often work with surveying devices in difficult conditions? Do you service equipment in remote locations? Use a snow scooter to get to the site faster.


We’re collecting applications for the test drive. If there are enough applications in your region, we will conduct a free test drive. You will be able to take a ride on all models, in real conditions. We will answer all your questions personally. If you like everything you can make a reservation or buy a ready-made device.

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