Battery for our snow bikes.

Battery (Battery) is the cornerstone of the project, a key component on which the reliability of the device depends. Every user of a smartphone with a lithium battery knows first-hand about unexpected shutdowns in freezing weather. That’s why in Russia they are sometimes too skeptical about electric transport. Everyone with a technical education considers himself obliged to give advice and recommendations based on personal experience, and it is normal, perceiving constructive criticism, we are ready for sensible advice. Yes, there are problems, we do not exclude them, but on the contrary, we are looking for solutions.

We use a lithium-ion battery in a polycarbonate case with IP66 waterproofing. We produce (collect) batteries ourselves, as well as repair others, make them of different capacity and geometry (10,15, 20, 31 Ah and more). We use Chinese cells because they are not produced in Russia. We work with bona fide suppliers and check each cell upon arrival on special equipment (we sift out the marriage).

Testing in the field and on laboratory stands showed that one charge will allow you to travel 30 km (on average), and the average weight of the battery 4 – 8 kg. But the specifics of lithium-ion batteries are such that they will have to be charged in a warm room. The service life of such a battery is 800-1000 charge-discharge cycles, according to our experience (from the world of electric bikes) is three years of continuous operation.

This is an option for use in the middle lane, where the temperature does not fall below minus 35, with minus 30 will not be comfortable to ride on a snowmobile in principle (any). In the course of operation, the cells are heated up, and because of the close location and lack of partitions the temperature inside the battery is higher than outside, it allows to operate the bike to minus 20 without loss. Having carried out a series of experiments it was revealed that at minus 25-30 degrees the losses will make up a maximum of 20% of the charge.

For specific tasks (military, EMERCOM or extreme north) we offer installation of other types of cells, which will allow to operate in a minus 50 and charge in the street. Unfortunately, such a battery costs 5 times more and weighs 4 times more, and the same size of the battery has a smaller capacity. This is a serious decision, but not yet for the mass market.

More detailed information about the options and equipment of the electric snow scooter you can find in our online store.

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