Climb scooter

Snowmobile for climbing the mountains.

We simulate climbing the mountains above 4.5 km on an electric snowmobile. In a prolonged snow and ice slope of more than 30 degrees.

The idea is to create an aid device in the mountains when climbing above 4500 m, where a standard gasoline engine starts to work with big problems. At the same time, the device should lift not only the body of the driver but also the same volume and weight of the equipment, plus as an option to be a “refueler” for important electronic gadgets.

We loaded the equipment snowmobile, and themselves ))).

There are no high mountains nearby, up to a maximum of 200 m difference, but those equally difficult ascents are also available. Snow, ice and minus temperatures allow testing in conditions as close to the hike as possible, with the exception of low pressure.

There is no experience of climbing above 4000 m, but the camping life in the university and the work of an industrial climber allows you to form a fairly detailed idea of such hikes, after studying additional articles and discussions.

We collected a prototype with high power. Speed, of course, is not high, maximum 6-7 km/h, but it is quite enough to estimate in our conditions.

We made the chassis on a narrow track 19 cm to assess the ease of passage along the slope (across), imitating the climbing herringbone. The format of the device is a single-track snowmobile, i.e. it has one ski and one caterpillar. This allows you to tilt it with minimum effort and crash into the slope.

We tested the following:
1. climbing into a short-term (up to 5 m) sharp slope up to 45 degrees
2. Protracted lifting (up to 500 m) with a slope of up to 30 degrees.
3. loose snow with a very hard tincture.
4. Down a trampled path with a 30-degree incline.
5. ease of attachment and operation of the equipment special equipment
6. And of course, tracking the characteristics of the electrical system.

They took art photos on the way.

And of course, I made a video blog in difficult conditions. But the video’s still on editing, so only pictures so far. Video, by the way, will soon appear on our channel, so if you’re interested to sign.

Write in comments whether an electric snowmobile will be useful in the mountains, and how else to test an electric snow scooter?





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