Snowbike KIT for moto 140-250 сс


1 321$

Price: EXW (full rules)

Availability: made to order

Production time: 2 week

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Universal crawler set for motorcycles. A tracked motorcycle is a single-track snowmobile. You get the opportunity to extend the season and operate the motorcycle not only in summer but also in winter.

Included with the kit:
– crawler module complete.
– ski module complete.

Snowbike KIT is an excellent option for motorcycle rental, the opportunity to increase the season and profit. In addition, snowbikes can be used to organize tourist routes on the territory/excursions.


General description of models:

  • Models of motorcycles. These kits have been tested on Kayo, Motoland, JMC, Racer, BSE, Apollo, Irbis motorcycles. Other brands require an individual approach and refinement (possibly).
  • Adapters. We have developed universal mounts, and are customizing the adapters (bushings) for specific models. But each model of motorcycle is individual (even in the same batch sizes may differ), so we make unique adapters to fit the kit exactly to the motorcycle. We have a receipt sheet, which we ask you to fill in the motorcycle measurements to make adapters for the customer.
  • Application. All kits can be used both for utilitarian purposes (winter transport, fishing, hunting, delivery) and for entertainment and recreation. In addition, a motorcycle with caterpillars can be used to train teenagers or beginners.
  • Terms of production. Kits are produced in series of 10 pieces per month. But they are quickly disposed of by preliminary orders. That is why we accept pre-orders and book a queue. In some cases, the production time may be 2-3 weeks, but the order can be executed faster, depending on the availability of components and production load.
  • The weight of the set is 44-65 kg depending on the set. This weight includes a complete rear pendulum and a front assembly with skis. The weight may vary either up or down, depending on the specific components.
  • Suspension. All kits use slime suspension (rail). Some test photos may show kits with roller suspension of previous models.
  • All sets of tracks use rubber with transverse composite inserts. Width from 22 cm. The height of the hooks is 23 mm. From the Russian manufacturer. You can also buy caterpillars separately from us.
  • Ski: 1 pcs. Skis plastic frost-resistant from snowmobiles. The ski has a damper for working off-road irregularities. The ski is 15 cm wide and 102 cm long.
  • Brake. According to experience, the brake is needed mainly for rolled slopes. When driving on loose snow, the friction force allows for quick stopping without braking. The brake is hydraulic with a disk 170-220, with a handle under the right hand.
  • Dimensions. The total dimensions of the folded set, packed in film, to calculate the cost of delivery is 150 x 80 x 40 cm (roughly).
  • Bolts. We use metric fasteners. We process the bolts with a thread locker to secure them against unscrewing. We also install engraving washers on the bolts.
  • User Manual. We provide instructions with photo and video materials for self-installation.
  • Painting: is carried out by powder paint in a monochrome color from the RAL line. By default, the painting is done in a matte black color. It is possible to paint in the desired color from the list of the most common, presented in the table below. In other colors, not presented in the table painting is done at an additional cost. Basic colors: Black, white, blue, green.

The cost of delivery is calculated individually depending on the recipient’s address. Delivery is paid by the recipient directly to the transport company. In case of delivery to another country state duties and additional charges are paid by the buyer.

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