Moto snowboard


1 246$

Price: EXW (full rules)

Availability: made to order

Production time: 1 month

Colour: Black.

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Motosnowboard is developed in Russia.


It is suitable not only for entertainment and skiing but also for the business of renting or delivering small goods and for patrolling the territory. It is easy to operate. There is a gas trigger like on a scooter. The steering wheel is folded.

Moto snowboard is perfect for snowboarding in a variety of terrain, in areas without specially equipped tracks, as well as for use in conditions where movement by snowmobiles is difficult or prohibited (parks, forest, frozen river surface, etc.). In other words, this device can serve you both for entertainment, walks, sports, and for work, replacing a motorcycle tow or mini snowmobile!

On a Moto snowboard, you can move on any snow-covered slopes and overcome even the deepest snow-covered tracks. This board can reach speeds of 40 kilometers per hour and is controlled by your body. A simple forward movement will not require any tension or effort from you.

The lightweight and compact size of a Moto snowboard allow you to transport it without special equipment. You can easily take it with you wherever you go – out of town, on vacation, fishing. In addition to the price, moto snowboard has many other advantages over other snowboard equipment, in particular, they do not require any certification or registration.

The moto snowboard was created not as an alternative to snowmobiles and motorbikes, but as an independent category of vehicles, to some extent able to replace them.
moto snowboard is best suited for active, family holidays, sports, tourism (walks), and entertainment. You can also take it for hunting or fishing. Of course, it will be difficult for him to compete with powerful snowmobiles and motorcycle towers. But will you be able to place this equipment in the trunk of a car?