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We have developed this device because we have found no analogues in the market that meet the needs of people. We believe that the snow scooter is a category between large snowmobiles and fatbike. We have made several versions and tested them in real life. We saw that it has advantages over its analogues: it is lightweight, foldable, silent and cheaper. It does not require rights or certification. It can be used for rest and work. It can also be used in business, for rent or patrolling. 

We have already made the first sales in Russia. The device is manufactured in pieces, under a certain client. Now we are looking for partners outside Russia and are studying the possibilities to organize serial production.

This is an experiment for us, but already now we offer our clients from other countries to make a preliminary order for the right model. We guarantee the delivery time of 2 months. 

A detailed description of the snow scooter models is provided below.

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