In Russian media

All references to the snow scooter in the media


  1. On the website of the Innovation Promotion Foundation  The second article from the foundation
  2. TASS about us.
  3. VolgaNews about the crowdfunding campaign 

Video reports:

  1. NTV channel, “Miracle of Technology” program in the column “Master of the Week”
  2.  This is a report on TC Guberniya
  3.  The film is dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations. About a snow scooter from 8.37 min

Snow scooter video footage:

  1. The blog from Togliatti’s “Simple Opinion”
  2. Yuri Frolov’s blog

More detailed information about the options and equipment of the electric snow scooter you can find in our online store.

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